Carpet & Vinyl

Carpet Style and Selection

We could write a book on carpet that can explain the different methods of construction, materials used and applications for installation. But what we want to let you know is that carpet despite what you might think is probable the most used floor covering still used today. Yes, many bedrooms, family rooms and stairs in homes are still being covered with carpet for new construction and flooring renovations. But with all the office towers, hotels, and elder care facilities buildings carpet is still the most versatile floor covering out there.

There is everything from carpet in tiles, Frieze(AKA Shag), textured plush, or carpets with different patterns and styles. There is a carpet for every budget. Some carpets can go for 14 a yard to $600 a yard. What you can usually say about the installation process is that the better the carpet the better the installation needed.

In many cases carpets can be made to order and should not be seemed, or if seeming is needed then special glues or spray’s may be needed to prevent fraying.

What else you might want to know about carpet is the resistance it might have to chemicals or it’s built in stain resistance.

Wether you are going to get a pattern or color that might make your kids room bright and fun, or your family room that brings in rich and inviting colors that have warmth and comfort built in, or you’re wanting something practical and versatile your FlooringInstaller.Org member can bring your style, budget and versatility all together.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl floor is not what it used to be. Vinyl floor covering can be rich in color and style as well as durable and can bring any style and texture a designer could ask for.

From the commercial grade VCT tiles to vinyl planks that look like real wood but will withstand a commercial application like a grocery store or even a dance floor.

Vinyl sheet is still preferred by many people for kitchen and bathroom s due to care and ease of washing. With no seems or joints it is easy to keep clean and has a great surface that is non slip and easy to roll any object on like a wheel chair, a stroller.

Vinyl is even being used to replace laminate or hardwoods in area like the living room due to its appearance and durability. Many flooring Installer members feel it is the next big thing in floor covering for just about anywhere you might think.