Floor Tile Installation

When wanting to add durabiltiy and style to high traffic areas tile is the right choice. With the selection of style, texture, and colours you are bound to find exactly what you want.

Here is an option where you can even mix your tiles size and colours all in the same room. Tiles are versitile and the choice for many designers.

When picking an tile installer to do your tile you can really reduce the cost of remodeling project or new construction build. The key is to find a flooring installer that has low overhead, lots of experience, and a long working history in their niche. FlooringInstaller.ca has done that already for you. FlooringInstaller.ca only uses Qualified Contractors that carry all Licensing, Workers Compensation, and Liability Insurance. With our experienced tile flooring installers have completed hundreds of tile floor installation jobs from Bathrooms, to Commercial Projects.

Our FlooringInstallers.ca members have many valuable trade secrets that only years of flooring installation can teach someone. With the product knowledge and volume purchasing power our Members can pass on the buying power and the latest in Tile Selection. And get unbeatable prices from our Wholesaler that we pass on to you.

Factory Direct Tiles Vancouver

Factory Direct Tiles Vancouver

Check out our new wood tile.

tile hardwood

Tile Hardwood

Tile Hardwood Plank Dark

Tile Hardwood Plank Dark

Tile Plank Grey

Tile Plank Grey

Why Flooring Installer

Chances are You might be thinking of Using a large brand name Box Store to install your flooring because you of tile selection and workmanship. Chances are you will pay several thousand dollars more when picking a large retail store yo purchase and install your floors. FlooringInstaller.ca is the place to find were they hire the same contract flooring installation crews. FlooringInstaller.ca will offer ideas and suggestions if needed on what he recommends when installing a tile floor. Sometimes you will find that Our Flooring Installation Tradesman have been there and done that and will have the years of experience to help you pick a design you will be happy and confident about.

Free In Home Consultation

FlooringInstaller.ca will listen to your tile floor idea and determine if there may be something you have overlooked or something that would work out better. We offer suggestions that only years of tile flooring installation And Renovation experience could provide.
When FlooringInstaller.ca begins the tile floor installation he measures and prepares every thing for the tile job. Preparation and care is very important when laying tile in order for the completed project to look professionally done. FlooringInstaller.ca installation experts do not take any short cuts in the preparation process or when cutting and laying tile. All precautions and consideration are taken to make sure your tile project is done exactly right.

North vancouver tile job during

Tile Floor Installation

Tile Installation Costs

FlooringInstaller.ca Tile Floor Installers quote your tile installation price as a total project cost. No worries on having to pay him by the hour. You will have an exact project cost for your tiling job you can budget and plan for.

Heated Tiles

Many people are adding electric in floor heating systems in bathrooms and kitchens. When heating up larger areas natural gas combi boilers will heat your home and your water at the same time.

Here at FlooringInstaller.ca we are able to handle all kinds of renovations from the right trades people who are qualified and certified in the trades they do.

Rest assure when looking for a tile installation expert “We have you Covered”

Kitchen Tiles

Here is a project where we supplied and installed the tiles. We get our customers to shop where we shop. Passing on tremendous savings both on installation and product sales.

We are proud of the savings we pass on to our clients through the factory direct pricing we have established.

When shopping around for a good tile installer and great deals on tile Vancouver

Discount Kitchen Tile

Discount Kitchen Tile