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Vinyl Floor Vancouver

Vinyl Floor Main Street

Vinyl Floor Main Street


There are many practical reasons why people are choosing vinyl flooring products such as sheet goods, vinyl tiles, or vinyl “plank” tiles for their Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries, Playrooms, Entry Areas, Etc.

It has come a long way in Appearance and durability alike.

Vinyl Floor Cost

: ECONOMY – When you compare materials & labor, vinyl is less strain on your budget.

: BEAUTY – Today’s Vinyls are more stylish and realistic looking than ever before. More than hundreds of choices can be found at your local floor stores or online. And modern protective wear-layer material that allow for heavy traffic areas and look great for a long floor life.

: EASE OF CARE – No other floor is easier to keep clean than today’s wax less vinyl floors. Many have Scotch guard protective coating built right into them. With seamless systems there is no place for dirt to hide. One smooth surface.

: WATER RESISTANCE – A properly installed vinyl product is superior matched against any wood or laminate product. In many commercial areas such as showrooms, supermarkets, play schools and any area where water is likely to be splashed or leaked.

: WARMTH – Ceramic tiles feel icy cold under bare-feet unless they are heated floors. Vinyl floors insulate much better.

: COMFORT – Work areas that need a hard surface and have employees standing for hours at a time standing on resilient vinyl is easier on feet, legs, and back than hard surfaces.

: SPEED – Most vinyl installations can be completed in one or two days and ,unlike ceramics, can be walked upon right away. With minimal dust and derbies there is basically no mess involved with vinyl floor installation. No need to move out for a week.

Vinyl Floor Installers

When looking at the options and the easy of the Vinyl Floor Installation it just keeps looking better and better. Call today for a free in home flooring consultation.

Commercial Installations

Many commercial and and business store fronts see the reason why Vinyl Flooring is particulariey cost effectvie.
Keep it clean is much easier. How long it last and looks great is another, vinyl tile or vinyl plank can take a lot off fo traffic and look great all day long, al year long, and even all decade long.

Vinyl Plank Floor

We are your Vinyl Plank Sales and Installation Experts. The Beacon Cafe listed above is the perfect example of a great floor for a Vancouver restaurant. This is a great way to have a new floor in days without mess. The ability to install is even great for the DIY out there.

Modern Vinyl Floor

Modern Vinyl Floor